Kanab, UT ~ March 25, 2007

    I visited Best Friends while spending a few days at Bryce Canyon National Park, about an hour or so north of Kanab. The tour here was more structured and not as "hands on" as my visit to Animal Acres in California. A tour guide drove us through the vast property, so one is restrained by the factor if being in someone else's car for the duration of the tour. We were only taken to one cat house and one dog kennel, and the dogs were kept inside their rooms. One of our fellow tourists mentioned being on the bunny tour before joining us - apparently there is a separate tour that takes you to the bunny house, which is like the cat house in that the rabbits are just out and about. Had I known I would have shown up a little earlier for that tour as well - I didn't see any mention of it on the Best Friends website. It sounds as if the best way to experience Best Friends is to stay overnight for at least a night or two and volunteer. You can even take one of your new friends to your room overnight - you have to report back on how well your new friend behaved and if it is prepared for a new home. The landscape here is also on par with that of any of the national or state parks, all the more reason to stay. Best Friends is not just a resource for the local community but they have rescued animals abandoned in man-made and natural catastrophes in the Middle East and Southeast United States.

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