Drive-By Truckers November 9, 2016 – Philadelphia

Drive-By Truckers – November 9, 2016

Drive By Truckers at Union Transfer in Philly was the place to be on the day after Election Day. Led onstage by Mike Cooley who announced “We’re a goddamn motherfucking American band,” they launched right into Surrender Under Protest, followed by a number of other songs that could well be considered protest songs. Cooley introduced Made Up English Oceans by retelling how his marching band played before Jimmy Carter in 1980, and the KKK happened to show up too, with the only difference between then and now being that they get their suits at Brooks Brothers and drive around in black SUVs with police escorts. There weren’t many direct election-related references, but that wasn’t necessary as the songs and the undercurrent were plain enough. Patterson Hood was in full-on preacher mode toward the end of the set, kneeling at the front of the stage and ad-libbing during People Who Died that no matter what just happened, it’s still fucking great to be alive. The Drive-By Truckers, behind their new album American Band reset the mood after a miserable dreary rainy post-Election day.

Opener Kyle Craft actually kicked things off, capping his set with Before the Wall, at the beginning of which he received some heckling and an audience member shouted, to the effect of, “Keep your politics at home/we don’t want to hear that”, which he responded with (approximately) “I love you but fuck you and your hate.” Priceless.

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Drive-By Truckers – July 13, 2016 NYC

Drive By Truckers
Lowdown Hudson Music festival,
Brookfield Place,
New York, NY

Full set of photos:

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Wilco – Star Wars Tour

Wilco are currently on tour in support of their latest album Star Wars. The band just wrapped up a series of dates in the northeast including this stop at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT. A few more dates remain for venues in the Southeast, followed by a few scattered dates in June before the band heads to Europe, twice – a summer tour and a fall tour – to round out 2016.

It stands to reason that Wilco will continue to play Star Wars in its entirety for the remainder of 2016, as they have been doing thus far. Surely the individual tracks will eventually appear scattered amid future setlists but this year is a great time to catch Wilco while the album is being presented as a singular, continuous performance piece.

For more photos, visit my Concert Photography page.

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Cincinnati Gardens / Syracuse War Memorial

I recently added photographs for the Cincinnati Gardens and the Onondaga County War Memorial, two of the hockey arenas that I visited on a trip through New York, Ontario, and Ohio in December 2012.

Cincinnati Gardens

Onondaga County War Memorial

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Georgia Rest Stop gif

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Soul Asylum – February 16, 2013 – Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Added 3 pages of photos from Soul Asylum, February 16, 2013 at Bowery Ballroom, new York, NY.

Here are some samples:

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The Spring Standards – Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY – December 30, 2012

I added four pages of photos from the Spring Standards concert at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY on December 30, 2012 to my site. The set begins at:

Here are some sample images.

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Solar Eclipse at Shiprock

Annular Solar Eclipse
Shiprock, New Mexico
May 20, 2012

(C) Rob Yasinsac

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Spring Peepers

I added a set of photographs and two audio recordings of Spring Peepers.

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