OCTOBER 30, 2014


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Less Than You Think, Blood of the Lamb, In a Future Age, Bull Black Nova, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, One Wing, Either Way, Bob Dylan's 49th Beard, At My Window sad and Lonely, One By One, Hesitating Beauty, Summerteeth, Via Chicago, Whole Love, Say You Miss Me, Pick Up the Change, Forget the Flowers, Passenger side, I'm Always in Love, Candyfloss, Red Eyed and Blue>I Got You (At the End of the Century), Outtasite (Outtamind)
ENCORE 1: Outtamind (Outtasite), Impossible Germany, The Lonely 1
ENCORE 2: Misunderstood, New Madrid, Give Back the Key to My Heart, Ripple

Many thanks to Josh Sarner (http://www.jsarnerphoto.com/) for 
encouragement and for loaning me some sweet gear to shoot this show.
Thanks to Wilco and TMM for the photo pass.

More Wilco photos - October 30, 2014 - Page 2

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