Citi Field
April 4, 2009 ~ Queens, NY
New York Mets 3 vs. Boston Red Sox 9


    Fans who park at the marina lot will now walk past the auto body shops of the Iron Triangle, whereas for Shea Stadium, most people took the next road east and did not even see the Iron Triangle.

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda pays tribute to shopping mall architecture. It would be 
more fun if the multiple "legs" of escalators and staircases were covered over with a 
giant spider to make it feel like you are in an amusement park ride.


In the Robinson Rotunda, again. This space must have been designed by someone who professes to be an architect. Yet we could not figure out how you are supposed to view the photos that are obscured by the staircases. You would have to be right under them for an unobstructed view, if you don't mind looking straight up. But the photos are located in the back corners of the Rotunda, behind the escalators and staircases, where most fans won't bother to venture over.

The giant neon ballplayers of Shea Stadium have been replaced by small cardboard cutouts. Here the view is toward the Uhaul building that was once prominently visible from Shea Stadium. Unlike Shea and most other new stadiums, Citi Field does not have any views toward its surroundings from the seating areas, excepting at one small corner of right field. 

The old home run apple from Shea Stadium is now located just inside the Bullpen Gate on the east side of Citi Field. The old top hat has been replaced by a new, smaller version. The new home run apple in center field doesn't pop out of anything as interesting as a top hat, just a concrete hole in the ground. In that case, the Mets should have made it a home run groundhog instead. If he pops up and doesn't see the Philadelphia Phillies' shadow, then the Mets will have one more month of baseball in the fall!

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